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Submission of Abstract (For Sri Lankan Delegates)

Abstract Submission Guide (For Sri Lankan Delegates)

(Abstract volume of the conference will be published with the Sri Lankan eISBN)

The Abstract should be prepared following the guidelines mentioned below and uploaded to the conference system.

  • The abstract must be written in 350-400 words prepared in a single A4 page using MS Word, .docx.
  • Authors are allowed to submit their work either in full paper/ abstract format for the ICKHI-2021.
  • Abstracts will be rejected without further consideration if plagiarism is detected.
  • Abstract must not exceed one A4 sheet (350 – 400 words) within the given format.

Paper size : Single A4 page
Title of the Abstract
Font:                                       Times New Roman
Font Size:                             12 pt
Style:                                      Bold
Concise, specific and reflective of the study carried out Center-aligned with the first letter of each word, other than the prepositions, capitalized scientific names of organisms should be written in italics. If common or vernacular names follow the scientific name, they should be included in parentheses.
Body of the Abstract
Font:                                                                Times New Roman
Font Size:                                                       11 pt
Margins:                                                         1 inch for left, right, top and bottom
Line Spacing:                                                 Single
Spacing before and after:                            0
Spellings:                                                        British type
Non-English and Technical Terms:          In italics
Figures, Tables, Plates:                                Not allowed
Text:                                                                 Justified
Page numbering:                                           Not allowed

The abstract should state the problem, explain the approach to obtaining the solution, and describe the solution itself. It should also summarize key facts relating to the work done, the principal conclusions, and it should convey the overall impact of the work presented.
4-6 keywords separated by a semicolon (;) , Font: Times New Roman,
Font Size: 10 pt

For any clarification Please Contact:
Dr. T.Pratheepan, Ph.D.
Librarian & Organising Secretary ICKHI 2021
Uva Wellassa University, Badulla, Sri Lanka.
Phone: +94 778436572, E-mail: