Knowledge Management is a systematic process by which knowledge needed for an organization to succeed is created, captured, shared and leveraged. Current HE institutes recognize their valuable intelligences and have adopted their changing role in a society.

Librarians and information professionals are trained to be experts in information searching, selecting, acquiring, organizing, preserving, repackaging, disseminating, and serving. In the specific context of Library and Information Science, one of the implications of use of ICT is that Libraries can reach out globally to provide their services 24 hours a day in very cost effective manner. ICT has enabled users to avail many services without any human intervention and the role of LIS professional is changing from an intermediary to a facilitator and enabler.

This International Conference on Knowledge Management in Higher Education Institutions (ICKHI 2022) will deliberate the profile of library professionals in the present day context whose main role is to explore, evaluate, promote, and implement various emerging technologies. Innovation, collaboration, strong communication skills, and strong project management skills will be keys to success of the Library professionals. The Conference aims to provide a platform to learn and share the ideas among librarians, professional from public & academia, research scholars, students, archivists, information providers and vendors, e-publishers, and virtual electronic communities.